Have you recently failed your test?

If you have taken a driving test before and did not pass then maybe I can help you. I have had many students who have come to me having previously failed their driving test. I will analyse what happened and we will both work together to improve on your driving skills and hopefully be successful on your next attempt. *Please see feedback.

Need help with parking?

Do you need help with being able to park? You may be having problems with parking on your road, between other vehicles or maybe in a parking bay. If you have any problems with these then I can help you with a strategy when it comes to parking. Please enquire by using the contact page or calling me on 07712154760.

About my car

The car you will learn in is a 2017 Ford Fiesta Titanium. You will not be driving an old car! The car is equipped with dual controls and air conditioning for your safety, comfort and confidence. The Ford Fiesta is a very easy and forgiving car to drive.

But I already know how to drive!
As your PASS PLUS registered instructor I know that you have achieved the level of competence required to have passed your driving test. But as a new driver, you have relatively little driving experience. When you take part in the PASS PLUS scheme it will give you more than just a few extra driving lessons. As well as gaining further driving experience under expert supervision, you will be taught how to deal with 'real life' driving situations which you may have not faced on your normal driving lessons. Examples of the situations covered are:
• driving in fog, rain, snow and ice
• driving in the dark
• motorway driving
There are 6 modules that are covered on the course, these are, town driving, all weather conditions (where possible), rural roads, night time driving, dual carriageways and motorway driving. Once you have completed the 6 one hour long modules you will gain the satisfaction of driving safely and in a more positive and controlled way. You will also be a safer driver and also have the added benefit of enjoying your driving.

Pass Plus

Have an international license, need to take the UK driving test?

I have had many students who have recently moved to the UK and have been driving on their own national driving license. After one year you must take a UK driving test and pass it to continue to drive on our roads. I am able to help you through on preparing and taking the driving test.

Novice drivers

When you choose KAR Driving School for your driving lessons you will be carefully guided through each stage of learning to drive. You will receive 1-2-1 tuition learning at your own pace. When you are ready for your test you will have covered all of the DSA curriculum and so will have the knowledge and level of skill and confidence necessary to take the practical driving test.

Are you a 'lapsed' driver, not driven in years?

I offer full UK license holders a helping hand in making their return to driving. If you have not driven for a long time or maybe your own circumstances have changed and you now need to drive then I will be able to help bring your confidence back.

Never driven on a motorway?

I offer motorway tuition to anyone who holds a full driving license. If you have never driven on the motorway, worried about using these roads or just unsure about the rules of use then I can help you. Please enquire by using the contact page or calling me on 07712154760.

* 'Karl was definitely the best instructor I had. He honestly reviewed my driving ability and gave me a rough idea for how many hours I may need before taking a test. I had failed multiple times before doing lessons with Karl and passed first time with him in 6 hours! Really recommend him, he was able to adjust timings for me and always ensured my driving was up to scratch.'

Alyssa Khan

Do you need a driving assessment?

I offer this service to anyone who needs either their own driving assessed or maybe that of an employee, or an Au Pair who will be driving your children to school.